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Today many believers in Christ are struggling to mature, advance,
and maintain a personal life of integrity as well as maintain a lifestyle
of holiness, simply because they fail to build their new life in Christ
on a firm kingdom foundation. Luke records Christ addressing the
importance of this issue in his sermon on the mount in Luke 6:47-49,
also paralleled in Matthew 7:24-27, where it states: “Therefore whoever
hears these sayings of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise
man who built his house on a rock.” Christ himself metaphorically
described the importance of building or establishing one’s life in the
Kingdom of God on a rock, a firm foundation. Luke also references in
his second treatise the book of Acts, what he refers to as the Apostles’
doctrine in Acts 2:42. The Apostles’ doctrine is what they taught about
Jesus as a foundation for kingdom living for every kingdom citizen.
A comprehensive listing of these teachings is referenced in Hebrews
6:1-2. Most writers who have addressed these principles define them
collectively under the category of the Doctrine of Christ being:


Repentance from Dead Works

Faith towards God
Laying on of Hands
Resurrection from the Dead,
Eternal Judgments

Foundational Principles for Kingdom Living

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